Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Alex Couwenberg X Daniel Albrigo

Couwenberg X Albrigo

Ive been a collector of Alex's work for the last 8-9 years. Consisitantly influenced by his work from the time i met him and began tattooing him. What started as trading tattoos for Paintings, Over the course of the time we've became very close friends, exchanging alot of Ideas and artwork along the way. 

Im Very happy and Honored to be working on a new body of work with Alex right now. We are planning for a Split exhibition of some kind. Its still in earliest stages of creation. 
Ill post process pics along the way.
thanks for looking. 

view alex's work here

Heres the painting i sent off to alex, then the finished version after he painted the top layer. 


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Anthony Doughty said...

Crazy art. I like the ferris wheel looking thing at the end.

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